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Covid Updates
by posted 09/10/2020


South Shore Conference

Covid update


  1.  Please check rink list prior to going to game.  This list will give you requirement for that rink based on local guidelines.  (just clic on the rink)
  2. A must, have list of players and contact numbers to give to rink.  Your team COVID Coordinator should have this at every game plus the of covid liability releases.
  3.  Only 1 parent or guardian allowed at game
  4. Masks must be worn by all when entering rink
  5. Centers need to wear masks during face offs
  6. Players need to wear masks while on Bench
  7. Coaches must follow rink and state protocol’s
  8. We must avoid all on ice confrontations.  (also off ice)
  9. We need to follow all rules and guidelines to insure we can continue to play.
  10. No checking allowed on any level.
  11. Again, each local Board of Health have different regulations which will be under the specific rink information
  12.  Do not go to the rink if you are ill, have a cold, have a temperature, a cough.


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